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Recording of “Patience, Patience”: A Virtual Open-Mic

As POG and Tucson adapt to COVID-19, we strive to remember that this pandemic continues to magnify inequalities and disproportionately affect underrepresented communities. If you are in the position to do so, please consider contributing to some of these organizations:

  1. Colibrí Center for Human Rights

  2. People’s Defense Initiative

  3. Indigenous Action Media

  4. Tucson Wildlife Center

  5. Center for Biological Diversity

  6. Local First AZ

  7. Florence Immigrant Project

  8. Southwest Folklife Alliance

  9. Clinica Amistad

  10. Catholic Community Services

  11. Children’s Action Alliance

  12. No Mas Muertes

  13. KXCI

  14. Youth On Their Own

  15. Watershed Management Group

  16. AZ Gives Nonprofit Emergency Relief Fund

  17. And of course…POG!

Watch the Recording

About the Event

April, 2020 — In a moment where the country is in a rush to “get back to normal,” we’re hoping to create a meditative moment, to bring together poets and poetry lovers, and to consider what patience might have to do with poetry and with the present moment. We will endeavor to be patient with one another and with ourselves, to consider the nature of our impatiences, the pleasures and pitfalls of urgency. Patience is necessary for reading and writing poetry, and patience is a poetic act, a paradox of doing and not doing. Join us as we practice this rare art of patience together.


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