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Barbara Henning & Maureen Owen: Poets on the Road

We were honored to have Barbara Henning and Maureen Owen read for us last weekend. In Barbara’s words:

“At night Maureen and I drove over to the Steinfeld Warehouse for our POG reading.  Charles & Cynthia used to have their studio in that building. I remember when I first arrived in Tucson climbing up the back stairs to this rickety warehouse full of artists for a meeting of a Charles Olson reading group. The audience at our reading was mostly poets and many old friends…Then while I was reading passages from the novel that took place in Tucson, that great Tucson train horn blasted its sound through the space.”

POG poetry tucson
POG poetry tucson Steinfeld Warehouse community arts

The beautiful crowd at Steinfeld Warehouse in Tucson, AZ

Read more about their journey and keep up with their progress as they live-blog the whole thing.

maureen owen barbara henning POG poetry tucson

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