About POG

Our Beginnings

POG began in 1996, a project envisioned by Tenney Nathanson, Cynthia Miller, and Charles Alexander. From the beginning we have focused on bringing innovative poetry and poetics projects to Tucson, particularly projects not well represented by local poetry groups, or university or college programs. Each year since then, we have brought 10 or more visiting poets and artists to Tucson, often presenting them with local artists in readings, performances, workshops, and other projects.


Our Mission

Poetry enriches our lives. By creating opportunities for poets and poetry-adjacent artists, including live readings, open-mics, community writing projects, and other diverse programming initiatives, we aim to share the experience of poetry with as wide an audience as possible. POG's ambition is to host monthly performances in Tucson throughout the year. The POG board of directors invites performers who reimagine what poetry is and does, how it responds and relates to the world at large.

Special Thanks

POG offers its deepest thanks to some of the following organizations and individuals, who help make this work possible:

  • Arizona Commission on the Arts

  • Poets & Writers

  • WAMO & Jim Wilcox

  • Chax Press

  • Kore Press

  • UA Poetry Center

  • Casa Libre en la Solana

  • Charles Alexander & Cynthia Miller

  • Lynn Finger

  • Joan Larkin

  • Lisa Martin

  • Judith LeFevre

Consider Getting Involved

Please, join us in our work of enlivening and educating through innovative poetry! Our monthly performances are always open to the public and we'd love to see you there. POG is able to offer these events thanks to your generosity, and we deeply appreciate donations!